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Life Update + DON'T BUY Miss Demented (or Miss Violet Lace) Wigs

***For those of you who read this journal entry before I edited it, the reason why I am no longer endorsing Miss Demented or Miss Violet Lace wigs can be found at this website:


Watch out for these two girls! Miss Demented and Miss Violet Lace have conned all of their loyal followers. Their Etsy shops are currently down (**edit: Their shops are back up.**) but they still have shops on Ebay. They buy the wigs from China and Japan on Ebay. They then make either no changes to the wigs (or minor changes like a tiny trim, sewing in a couple thin wefts, sewing two cheaper wigs on top of each other), mark them up an incredible amount and then resell them on their own personal Etsy and Ebay shops. I have found every wig I ever bought from these two "wig makers" sold on Ebay for substantially less on shops such as: pink_pink_house, cog_mark, wigstylist, mildgreentea-1, etc. If you want a perfectly good quality, reasonably priced wig, you can buy from them instead :)

Another note: There are other wig resellers on Etsy as well. MissBellaMuerte and Tiffany DeMichelle are quite possibly Miss Demented's other shops.

Also check out the reader comments at these websites:
Jen Cate- the one who first got the word out about these wig resellers has a formspring, where you can ask her any question. http://www.formspring.me/jencate
An article about the scam: http://etsycallout.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/missvioletlace/#comments
A youtube video about the scam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wk5j5mBTks

Most helpful is Jen Cate's facebook community page ("JCWC")for those who've been scammed or are looking to make wise, informed wig purchases. Here, you can talk to a bunch of people who love wigs and want to help each other. You can ask them where you can buy a particular wig you used to love from MissD or MVL and they will send you the link to the same wig but much cheaper on Ebay. Also, Jen Cate is now doing a free Ebay wig giveaway. You don't have to endorse anything. All you have to do it paste the link to the Ebay wig you desire. http://www.facebook.com/pages/JCWC/19948076341667

Hi Everyone,

News since I last wrote... my boyfriend has moved out to the D.C. area, finished his PhD, and become my husband. We had the most colorful wedding I've ever been to, full peacock feather centerpieces, an Ace of Cakes 3 foot tall peacock cake, a purple and black leather and suede wedding dress, an amazing swing band, delicious food, and all of my closest friends and family. Not an inch of white in the place. I completed 4 wonderful years working with emotionally disturbed teens at a general ed. high school with the shortest commute I've ever had. We now have a beautiful 5 month old little boy named Milo Desmond.
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